Explore the Network

The map above shows the San Gabriel Valley Greenway Network Strategic Implementation Plan area, which includes the streams, creeks, and flood control channels (highlighted by green lines above) in the San Gabriel Valley watershed.

The SGV Greenway Network Plan creates a process to support greenway projects all along the San Gabriel Valley watershed, from an idea to completion, with the ultimate goal of creating an interconnected network of greenways throughout the San Gabriel Valley, connecting to existing bikeways (in red on the map above) and other trails.


The project team is using several criteria to identify areas along the network where there is the greatest need and opportunities for greenway projects:

  • CirculationDoes the project connect to existing bikeways, trails, parks, transit, schools, community centers, and other activities?
  • EquityWhat are the pollution and health burdens of the surrounding community? Measured using CalEnviroScreen
  • CommunityHow many people live in the surrounding area, and how great is the need for more park space? Measured using the Los Angeles County Parks Needs Assessment
  • SynergyWhere along the network are there projects already in development to connect to?
  • EnvironmentWhere can projects add more trees and provide habitats that connect to significant ecological areas?


Conceptual Designs

The Team identified ten potential projects within the Plan area along Greenway segments and adjacent multi-benefit park opportunities. These concepts are meant to be a starting point as inspiration for future project development.


San Gabriel Valley Intro

San Gabriel Valley Intro2